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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Produce Porn

This is just the produce that isn't refrigerated, but we will eat all of this in one week: 18 bananas, 4 avocadoes, 4 plums, 4 granny smith apples, 4 nectarines, 6 heirloom tomatoes.

In the fridge, from both our CSA and our co-op (which, by the way, has THE BEST produce in the city limits of Pittsburgh), there is also a head of red cabbage, 3 cucumbers, bunch of green grapes, a bunch of basil (which we'll make into pesto), 2 bunches of parsley, a pound of green beans, a head of lettuce, a quart of blueberries, 4 bags of greens (for smoothies), green onions, and two fennel bulbs.