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Monday, May 6, 2013

What About Snacks?

Over the years, many people have asked me if I snack and, if so, what do I eat? I must admit I've always been (annoyingly?) disciplined (just ask my husband!), mostly practicing restraint. I haven't really liked to eat between meals. But when I did, it was most likely something either sweet or salty: a candy bar or a bag of chips.

Now that I've been vegan over five years, however, I don't like those foods for snacks anymore. My taste buds have changed so much I no longer eat sweets, caffeine, or processed foods. I don't crave them either. In fact, often while waiting for the elevator at the library, I'll glance over at the vending machine--that conveniently lights up to catch your attention--and think that that food is so stale. I can't believe I ever ate that. It will probably still be good after 100 years.

Now I eat fruit--usually an apple or other in-season fruit such as a pint of blueberries or a peach in summer. I'll also drink a cup of nettle tea or a large glass of water.

In the evenings, about 30 minutes after my green smoothie, I will sometimes eat a Granny Smith apple with organic peanut butter.

So my "snacks" are fruit, if anything. If I had to come up with some vegan snacks, however, for those who are asking, I'd say guacamole* and organic corn chips, hummus on whole grain crackers or bread with thinly sliced radishes, or a bowl of granola or raw muesli with a non-dairy milk.

*Smash an avocado or two with a fork, squeeze some fresh lime juice, and add sea salt to taste. You can add chopped jalapeno, tomatoes, garlic, or onion if you wish.

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