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Monday, April 22, 2013

What Being Vegan Means to Me

To be vegan is to be aware of every single thing you put into your body.

To be vegan is to nourish your body with a wide variety of plant foods, from greens to grains to legumes.

To be vegan is to feel the best you have ever felt in your entire life.

To be vegan is to want to share how wonderful you feel with others with enthusiasm, not judgment.

To be vegan is to know that the longer you are vegan the better you will feel with each passing year.

To be vegan is to know that your body is rebuilding and repairing itself each and every day.

To be vegan requires discipline and a love for your body and all living things.

To be vegan is to realize that you only have one body in this life so you want to take care of it.

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  1. Beautifully put. I would add that to be vegan means discovering wonderful new amazing foods and ways of preparing them.