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Sunday, March 10, 2013

So What About Exercise?

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I talk mostly about food and being vegan on this blog but one thing I've never talked about is how I exercise. Yes, I do exercise, every single day. The only time I don't is when I'm sick (which is rarely) and, even then, I'll do some stretching and/or yoga.

Since I took ballet for twelve years during my childhood, daily movement of any kind is important to me. My body just doesn't feel "right." In fact, many years ago, I was sick with the flu for an entire week and, by the end of it, I think I did something like two hours of yoga because my body couldn't get enough stretching and breathing.

So what do I do? Twice a day I do a DVD workout called Synergetics. It's a balance, flexibility, and muscle contraction exercise with some aerobic and stretching components as well. It's only 12 minutes twice a day. I've been doing this every day since 1994.

Walking around Oakland, in Pittsburgh

I also take a walk because I love to be outside. During my workweek, I walk for 20 minutes around the entire city block where the library, museums, and music hall are. On weekends, in nice weather, this is upped to 40-60 minutes.

Trail at Clear Creek State Park, PA

On cold weather days--because I hate feeling cold and do not like to walk in windy weather--I'll just do another Synergetics workout on the weekend or walk in the museums during the workweek.

At home or on vacation, I still do my Synergetics workout but I also try to walk as much as possible. If the weather is fine, I will walk all around Mt. Washington to do my errands (library, post office, and hair salon to name a few)--the steep hills add even more to my workout. Some weekends, Jim and I will head to a state park and hike for hours. And, on vacation, I love nothing better than to get to my destination and park the car for the entire trip; on foot is also the best way I get to know my way around a place.

So that's it. That's all I do. I've never been a runner or an aerobics fitness devotee so you won't find me jumping and sweating profusely. Not my thing.

How about you? What is your exercise routine?


  1. I'm so glad you posted about Synergetics; it sounds great from what I've read! Would you describe your more your experiences with it? I tend to do things like hiking, walking, and dance (belly dance lately) or chi gong lately for exercise.

  2. Thanks Maria! I've gone to the Synergetics website and am really thinking about starting that system. Sounds very balanced, plus I'd like to build some muscle. These days I typically walk, hike, do tai chi and/or dance (most recently belly dance).

  3. Hi, Shawn,
    Thanks for reading; sorry it took so long for me to reply (need to reconfigure my comment notifications!). I'm not sure what you mean about my experiences with it. I have been doing it so long now I can't really recall! The movements took some practice to get used to doing but I do the exercises twice per day. I like it because it combines stretching with some cardio as well as muscle contraction exercises. Does that help?