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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Eating Vegan on the Road

To help combat my homesickness bouts, which have flared up again lately, we're trying to go home more to Michigan to visit family and friends. This inevitably leads to us thinking about food and what to eat on the road. But it's not that difficult, it just takes a little planning.

Home, sweet, home!

We always make sure our hotel room has a refrigerator because we take homemade muesli and travel-size soy milk for breakfast.

The last trip we took we made a huge salad of whatever was left in the refrigerator that would spoil while we're gone: baby spinach, cucumbers, carrots, onions, celery, leftover barley and rice, and avocado. We used lemon juice, sea salt, and pepper as dressing since we have found that, since being vegan for over five years now, we prefer the taste of the vegetables to the taste of dressing covering the vegetables.

Familiar landmarks

I also had 3 avocado to use so I made a quick guacamole with fresh lime juice and sea salt; if you leave the pit in the bowl, it hastens the oxidizing process which turns the guacamole from green to brown. Note: it's still good even if it's brown, it just doesn't look as pretty but tastes exactly the same. We enjoyed this with some blue corn chips from Trader Joe's.

Along with some apples and Jim's homemade scones, this food lasted us for three meals! So it saved some money.

Abandoned train station, Detroit

Another option since the Ohio Turnpike has those very convenient plazas is to eat at Panera. Unfortunately, we can only eat one sandwich on their menu (sans cheese, of course!): the Mediterranean Veggie. Personally, I don't care for their salads or their bagels and bread. I would love to see a vegetarian restaurant option on the Turnpike but I know that will never happen. When you're traveling, you want to eat good, whole foods, not processed, fried foods that wear on your body!

You know you're home when you see Joumana

Once in Michigan, we always make time for one meal at the Inn Season Cafe in Royal Oak. And, when visiting relatives, we always stop and pick up lunch to go at the amazing fresh food bar at Whole Foods in either Troy or Rochester Hills.

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