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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Birthdays are for Celebrating

Music: The Love Letter, original soundtrack

Moraine State Park, Lake Arthur

Warm summer weather has arrived in Pittsburgh (much warmer than Michigan Mays of years past) and my birthday week coincided with it. Yes, that's right. Birthday week. Why not celebrate the entire week and take vacation time? Have you ever done that? I think there was just one year that I was unable to take my week (the year I moved to Pittsburgh in 2010). In my latest CLP blog post, let me tell you all the fun things I did (and maybe inspire you to do the same).

"Every year I always take an entire week off for my birthday. I’m one of those people who love birthdays and a week’s vacation is the perfect way to celebrate. It helps that my birthday falls in May, a very nice time of year weather-wise! I am also a big fan of staycations, partly because of the expense of traveling (I’m very frugal) and because I have an elderly cat that I don’t like to leave alone for long. And, since I’m also a newcomer to Pittsburgh (and I live in the city), I spent the week doing a variety of fun touristy things." Read more here.