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Monday, September 24, 2012

Pittsburgh Picture of the Day

I live less than three miles from downtown Pittsburgh (and most of it is vertical!) and it's that time of year again in this sports-loving town.* Steelers' games have begun and, with it, all the advertising planes and blimps. Unlike others, this one was actually quiet! Sometimes, if the wind is a certain direction, we can even hear the roar of the crowd at Heinz Field. As I'm not a sports' fan at all, this is my time to take advantage of quiet and empty stores and neighborhoods if I want to take a walk as everyone else is watching the game.

*It's so sports-loving that, when there's a game, everybody but everybody wears black & gold apparel, from shirts to hats to scarves. It's an obsession here. They even dress up statues around town, including the dinosaur by the Museum of Natural History.

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