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Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Live in the City to Avoid a Commute...

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But now I've got one and I don't like it. At all. Whine, whine, whine. Cry, cry, cry.

I truly love where we live, however, as a newcomer to the area almost two years ago, we didn't yet know where I might find a library job. J. works downtown so it's far enough of a distance from downtown to enjoy quiet, yet it's still only two miles away. He walks to the incline (or, more rarely, if the weather is bad, takes a bus to the incline) then either takes another bus across the Monongahela River or walks across the Fort Pitt bridge to downtown.

But the Port Authority is threatening to end all bus service to Mt. Washington in the latest round of budget cuts. I cannot believe Pittsburgh (a "liveable" city) is even thinking about this. There are a lot of people up here who count on the buses to get them to work. That will leave only the inclines but they are only on the downtown side of the mountain. There are a lot more people that live on the other side (near Sawmill and Warrington) of the mountain.

My commute to Oakland is pretty straightforward, however, since my main road (the P.J. McArdle) has been closed due to a rockslide since January 9, my commute time home has more than doubled from 15 minutes to 35. So I'm not too happy right now as it is eating into my already long work day. Every Saturday I stand on the overlook to check on the progress.
Building the retaining wall. At least they're working on Saturdays!

Repairing the rockslide on the P.J. McArdle
Mount Washington, Pittsburgh
Feb. 18, 2012

So, depending on how long we plan to stay in Pittsburgh, we're discussing alternative housing locations including Oakland (so I can walk to the library), Squirrel Hill or Shadyside (to walk or take one bus).

We love Chatham Village, though. It's quiet, elegant, and it doesn't even feel like we live in a big city here. But we do feel our 768 square foot townhouse is still too big for just two people. Plus, I don't like all the stairs. I simply want one floor with kitchen/dining area/living room/bathroom/laundry & bedroom; it's all we need. We do not need a second bedroom and I am most definitely tired of basements (especially a laundry room in the basement). I would like a little area to sit outside (patio, balcony) my unit. But does such a place exist that is also safe and in a relatively quiet area? I have no idea. And J. absolutely hates noise.

Do any Pittsburghers have some suggestions?

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