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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Changes

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Another year is upon us and with that in mind, as always, I try to find ways to make things even better. This year is a full conversion to an alternative to plastic produce bags and wax paper (which we use to wrap sandwiches).

I don't use microwave ovens (I don't like the way they heat my food or change its texture and I believe they are dangerous for you in the long run) so my lunches always contain a sandwich of some kind. So we picked up these Eco Lunch Gear (fabric/PVC-free lining) wraps to use in lieu of wax paper at the East End Food Co-op last week. They are machine/hand washable and dry quickly.

We also purchased reusable produce bags from Chicobag and Onyabags. All are machine/hand washable and, since we already have washable bulk bags and shopping bags, now we are completely using reusable bags for our shopping trips.

Another change is our conversion from plastic food storage containers to glass food storage containers. We are trying to get away from plastic as much as possible as I'm just not comfortable with the toxin levels in them, especially when filled with warm food; I just don't trust it. I read a book last year called Toxic Free by Debra Lynn Dadd and, in it, I found many useful suggestions to reduce the toxins in my life even more.

I welcome any other tips that readers out there can share. Happy New Year!

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