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Sunday, October 30, 2011

These Shoes Were Made for Keeping

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Since I've pared down my wardrobe (as well as all my other possessions), I can't tell you how much easier it is to get dressed every day. It's something I don't even have to think about. I always thought I needed a large selection of clothes but, surprise! I don't.

You won't believe how old my favorite pair of shoes is. Guess. Really. Okay, are  you ready? I bought them in 1993! Yes, that's right. Eighteen years ago!

And, while they are decidedly not vegan (gasp!), remember I bought these long before becoming vegan. And I refuse to throw or give them away because I still wear them almost every day, so they will continue to stay in my wardrobe until they wear out.

They are Birkenstocks, the Paris style which, I believe, they no longer make or, if they do, it comes and goes every few years. I love these shoes because:

1. They're comfortable. That to me is the most important criteria in a shoe now, especially since I'm 43, on my feet a lot, going up and down lots of stairs at the library. These also have arch support which helps keep my feet from becoming sore.

2. They're black which, considering the pared down wardrobe, is good. I only own black shoes now because they go with all of my clothes.

3. They can be cleaned easily and the rubber soles can be replaced when they wear down. That's the real reason these shoes have lasted so long. Whenever they get below 1/4" on the heels (where I usually wear out my shoes first), I take them to a shoe repair shop for re-soleing.

4. They're cute. I love the Mary Jane style of these shoes. I wear them with pants but also with skirts, with or without socks/tights, all year long.

5. While initially expensive (I think they were about $120 back in 1993), the fact that I have worn them for 18 years speaks volumes for their quality. They've walked all over, from Italy, to South Carolina, to Florida, to Michigan, and now Pennsylvania.

(This post was inspired by Francine Jay, author of the beautifully peaceful blog, Miss Minimalist.)

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  1. Oh wow! That is lovely! And to be able to use a shoe in 18 years! I never heard such thing! But that would mean today a real deal of shoe-hunting. I really want to own a shoe that fits everything I wear that wouldn't look so out of place. You've got a very good pair!