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Saturday, September 3, 2011

What's Next?

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As you've (no doubt) noticed, over the last few months, I feel like I have not had much material to write about for this blog. That is, vegan material. I think posting pictures of what I eat is old now because I no longer constantly seek out new recipes to try. I now know what I really like (& don't) and make often.

Perhaps I've written all that I can on how I am vegan? It has been four years since I changed my life in such a dramatic and amazing way. In the very beginning, it was to explain why I went vegan, how I did it and, since then, it has been how it has changed my life for the better. I just don't think I have anything else to write about on just this topic. For me, it's automatic, something I almost don't even think about. Oh, I still think about food constantly, but that's okay. I'm ever conscious of listening to my body.

So what's next? I'm thinking of just writing about topics that interest me at that blogging moment. It might be about Jane Austen, or walking, or being gentler to the earth, or minimalism. And, yes, even being vegan. These are the things that most interest me now. So it won't be solely focused on just one topic.

It has been a little over a year since I moved to Pittsburgh, got a full-time job, and slowly acclimated --who am I kidding? I'm still acclimating, probably always will until I move back home--to my new home. Moving didn't change my food habits (thank goodness) and I continue to inadvertently educate people I come in contact with when they discover that I am vegan. They don't always understand, but that's okay; food is a hot button topic for many people. I choose to live by example. I know what's right for me and what makes me feel incredible. I wouldn't change it.

Thanks to all of my vegan followers the past two and a half years. I hope you'll still follow but I'll understand if what I now write about doesn't interest you.  Stay tuned.

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