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Monday, September 5, 2011

Library Blogging

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I love that one of the things I get to do in my job as a librarian at the Carnegie Library is write. I'm working with an amazing group of writers at the library who contribute quirky, informative, and creative content for the library's blog, Eleventh Stack. So, technically, I'm getting paid to write! :)

Here are links to all of my posts since I started at the library. In future, I will post links here to others as I write them. I only like to write about topics that interest me a lot, so here's a sampling. Enjoy!

Reduce, Reuse, and Then Recycle. August 30, 2011

Summers Gone By. July 20, 2011

Toward a Life of Less. June 27, 2011

Go Outside! June 8, 2011

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