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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gourmet Vegan Dinner

Music: Deb Talan, Something Burning

The more I cook my own food from scratch, the less desire I have to dine out. My food just tastes better! Readers of this blog know how thrifty I am so I know how expensive it is to eat out. But the more I learn to cook different things (as well as some of my favorite repeat dishes), I don't like paying for restaurant food that disappoints me.

The last time we visited my folks in Michigan, Jim read an issue of my mother's subscription to Martha Stewart's Whole Living. In it was a super simple recipe for seitan, a protein substitute used in Asian cooking made with vital wheat gluten.

Tonight we made the halved recipe and cooked it with Stubb's BBQ Sauce, red & yellow sweet peppers, and sweet onions, then rolled it into a large whole wheat tortilla, which we split between us. So good, especially with a side of steamed broccoli rabe and baked beets. Who needs restaurant food when it's this good?