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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vegan Sampler V

Music: Ambrosia on shuffle on iTunes

Today's smoothie: spinach, pineapple, frozen strawberries, banana, bit o'avocado

I love to eat really, really, good food; can you tell?

Tempeh salad spread on Jim's bread with raw cucumbers, Norm's Christmas pickles (made by Jim's good friend in Petoskey), and a variation of Bean & Rice Salad (from Sarah Kramer's How It All Vegan) using short-grain brown rice.

Jim's walnut, raisin, and cranberry bread with Earth Balance Buttery Spread. I consulted his notebook of recipes and I see that he hasn't yet written it down, so I will post the recipe later. If I forget, though, please remind me as it is sooo good. Sometimes he makes it into a round loaf, other times he makes buns.

Oat sage patty (from LuAnn Bermeo's Amazing Meals) on a Food for Life sprouted grain bun, with lettuce, Vegenaise, raw onion, with a side of the rice salad & raw cucumbers.

A variation of Tempeh, Kale, & Sweet Potato Skillet from Nava Atlas' Vegan Express. Instead of cooking the sweet potatoes in the microwave* as she suggests, I used Alicia Silverstone's delicious recipe from her book, The Kind Diet. I also steamed the sliced tempeh first for 20 minutes in a skillet with water and slices of lemon.This removes some of the bitterness that tempeh can have; it doesn't bother me, though. I do it for Jim.

*I don't trust microwaves & don't use mine, except as extra storage.


  1. Got the stuff to make the tempeh salad-yum! Also, please don't forget (I know you just posted this but I thought since I was commenting, I'd mention it) that bread recipe for it looks heavenly;)!! The oat patties will come later since I need to p/u more ingredients for that recipe.

  2. Let me know how the tempeh salad turns out. Yes, I will soon post Jim's walnut/raisin bread recipe. And the oat patties are so easy to make, you'll be amazed. Enjoy!

  3. I enjoyed the tempeh salad with only Veganaise and celery. Veganaise is remarkably delicious!! It always amazes me how good it tastes. Way better than mayo. About the steaming and lemon you steam in a basket with the lemon in the water underneath? Just wanted to be sure that's what you described in your post.

  4. Hi, Shawn--glad you enjoyed the salad! Yay! Before I use the tempeh, I fill a wide skillet with about an inch or two of water, add some lemon slices and the cut up tempeh (usually in strips), then simmer on low for about 20 minutes. I then drain the water & then it's ready to use any way you like. Remember, I only do this because the first time I made tempeh w/o doing this, Jim found it a little bitter (some people do, I don't). So maybe try it both ways & see which way you like best.

  5. Thanks Maria! I can detect that bitter taste too, so thank you for the lemon tip. I did mine in a steamer and it as still good but I'm thinking that the tempeh being directly in the water with the lemon would be better.