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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Warm Winter Drinks

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Today's smoothie: fresh organic parsley, frozen organic strawberries & raspberries, banana, bit o'avocado

When the weather turns cold, instead of dessert, I enjoy drinks that warm me up. Since I now live in a house that has steam heat, I'm not as cold as I used to be since it's a more evenly distributed heat, but I do enjoy something tasty and warm in the winter anyway. Here are some of my favorites:

Hot Tea

Someone very sweet (thanks, Gail!) gave Jim and I this unique & interesting tea as a housewarming gift. They are tea leaves hand-sewn into the shapes of flowers! The box is made out of bamboo (which, now that I've drank all the tea, I now use to store band-aids!). A variety of white, green, & black teas. When you pour boiling water over it, they "bloom" into pretty flowers. I don't have a clear glass teapot, so I just used a clear glass mug. It looks a little odd, but it's a nice idea. I'm thinking my mother-in-law (a big tea drinker) might really like these.

This one was a green tea with an star anise on top.

Hot Chocolate

2 heaping tsp of good quality cocoa
1 C soymilk (or hazelnut milk or almond milk, your choice)
sweetener of your choice to taste (stevia, agave nectar, turbinado sugar)

Warm all in a saucepan until cocoa is dissolved; make it as hot as you like it. I use my espresso machine to just heat it all up into a nice, light, and frothy delight.


  1. Scott and I just starting drinking homemade hot chocolate. Its really an experience as compared to the packets/mixes. Just wondering which cocoa powder you like to use.
    Numi teas are a special treat. A friend sent me home with a sampler box, which I treasured and enjoyed. Since then I have shared them with visitors and as gifts. I'd love to try their tea flowers too. How lovely!

  2. I would be content with Trader Joe's Organic Cocoa but Jim is a purist. We found a neat little store in the Strip District here in PGH that only sells spices, herbs, teas, and cocoa. I think it's called Penzeys. After we use it up, I may insist we buy in bulk at either Right by Nature or the East End Food Co-op if it's available (to save on packaging). :)

  3. Thank you. I'm going to try my TJ organic cocoa for now, but I would really like to try some special powder like Jim likes sometime. Your goal to use less packaging is wonderful;)!
    Take care.