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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Major Downsizing

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Note: this post is not about being vegan. However, since being vegan involves being more aware, I think it is related.

Since moving again, I am seriously reconsidering all of my stuff. I've usually been pretty good about this but not to this extent. I think I still have way too much stuff. Oh, sure, the movers looked really happy when they asked, "this is all you have? Awesome!" But, as I was unpacking, I realized that in my new tiny space, it was still way too much. I am also very inspired by the blog, Rowdy Kittens.

So, almost weekly, I've either been giving things away on Freecycle or donating for a tax deduction to Vietnam Veterans of America. Both have made it so simple to box or bag up my possessions for removal.

And the space is really emptying out, little by little. And it feels great. I am looking at everything and I do mean everything:

Books, CDs, DVDs (I'm a librarian & we can get these all at the library)
Linens (I do not need 2 mattress pads, 2 quilts, 3 sets of sheets)
Dishes (six dinner plates, six bowls, & six small plates are plenty)
Knick knacks (too much to dust)
Pots and pans (we really only use 3 or 4 at the most)
Bakeware (since I now get a skin reaction to sugar, there's no need to bake so much)
Office supplies (um, why do I have paperclips? It's a mystery)
Purses and shoes (too many)

I'm even looking at furniture especially since our new place is so very tiny. We can share a desk and we don't need a large pine cabinet that is not only too large for this space but also is just too big and too big to move again. We don't need two snow shovels; we only have to clear the path to our front & back doors--the association takes care of the rest. Heck, we could even share with a neighbor.

Our ultimate goal is to pare down so much stuff that, when our Pittsburgh adventure is over, and we move back to Michigan, we can find a space between 500 and 600 square feet, either a large studio or one bedroom apartment or loft.

Some people have asked me why I am doing this. Well, to be honest, since moving to another state, I've come to realize what's really important; family, friends, relationships. Stuff no longer means much.


  1. Have you read about the 100 things movement?

  2. Yep! I heard it about it on the Rowdy Kittens site (!