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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Vegan Anniversary!

Today it is three years since I dove into the adventure of being vegan; time flies when you're having fun! And it
has been fun, trying so many new foods and recipes, watching the changes in my health and well-being, and just getting more and more into the flow of a daily vegan lifestyle. I don't even think about it anymore. My shopping is automatic for the things I need to prepare my meals and I have lost the food cravings I used to have: frosted chocolate donuts, Coca Cola, French fries, and boxed cereal to name but a few.

But I'm still making new discoveries about my body. This past weekend, I made some biscotti, which I had not made in awhile either because they are a little time consuming or we just didn't miss it (and, really, who needs the extra calories?). But I've been a little homesick here in Pittsburgh so I decided to make some when it got a little chilly. Well, since then, I've had one with my morning latte every day and guess what? I've got a skin break out! I had also made some spice cookies to have around and now I'm thinking it's the turbinado sugar in these things but I'm not quite sure yet. So I'm laying off the biscotti and the cookies and seeing what happens. Remember when I said that if I forgot to bring my stevia with me when I travel and I eat table sugar I break out? I think I'm finding that sweets with any processed sugar are triggering these break outs. I'll let you know.

Right now, I'm trying to educate my parents on the benefits of a vegan diet and how making the switch will lead them to a more active and less painful aging process so that they can enjoy their time together instead of being in constant pain and discomfort. We watched an online video last night presented by Dr. Neal Barnard, head of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) and it was a real eye-opener on why animal foods are so bad for you and also why some people find them addicting. Here's the link if you'd like to watch it. It's a 40 minute presentation but, I assure you, when you have some time (perhaps watch it instead of the regular tv?), it is well worth it. I've sent the link to my parents as well and I hope they will watch it.

I'd like to sincerely thank Jill Ovnik for her helpful and very informative DVD, Change Your Food, Change Your Life (which you can now also rent on Netflix!) and Dr. T. Colin Campbell for his amazing book, The China Study, both of which made me determined to go vegan for life. Here's to your health!

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