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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


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Since moving to our new tiny place, we're rethinking everything, from the number of our possessions, to how we use those possessions (& if we use them at all), and even the size of them. We have a very small kitchen that was really poorly planned when it was renovated by the last owner, a single man. For one thing, all of the appliances (refrigerator, range, and dishwasher) are full-sized. In all of my previous kitchens, no matter the size, I had full-sized appliances like these. However, I now see the advantage of so-called apartment-sized (i.e. smaller or kind of miniature-looking) appliances and this kitchen definitely calls for that.

The refrigerator we inherited was huge (over 34 inches deep & 68 inches tall) with a bottom freezer and ice maker. I don't like ice makers because they always make too much ice and they always eventually break. Also, the refrigerator was actually taking up a lot of floor space in the kitchen. At first, I was skeptical that we could get by with a smaller fridge, especially when I saw it on the sales floor. It's only 9 cubic feet, but it is very sleek and contoured with built-in handles to give even more space.

I tried to sell the behemoth fridge on Craig's List; I got lots of phone calls but no one wanted to make the commitment to actually come and see it. So we let Sears take it when they delivered the new one. When the delivery guys saw it, one said to me, "you DO know that your new fridge is A LOT smaller, right?" The other guy said it would make a great basement fridge. I thought, "basement fridge? How much food do you need to store? Geez!"

But now that we've had this new tiny fridge for over a month, I love it and wonder why in the world we had a full-sized fridge all those years. For just two people, this is perfect. All the food fits closely together so it will use less energy and run more efficiently than any large fridge. Plus I get added space in the kitchen.

When we eventually reconfigure the entire kitchen, I hope to also get a tinier electric smooth top range and (maybe) a tiny dishwasher. I may not get a dishwasher at all since I don't use it but it would be good for resale I suppose. Right now, my dishwasher is where I store all my pots and pans and I need to reduce those, too.

Think about the things you own; do they really need to be that big or, more importantly, do you really need them at all?

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