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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Salmonella is Always in Eggs

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I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard a reporter talking about how shocked people are that there is salmonella in eggs and that consumers wanted to know why. It is my understanding that consumers can never really know if eggs are contaminated with salmonella or not so it's best to assume that all eggs have salmonella.

When Jim got food poisoning (campylobacter) a few years ago, I read the book, It Was Probably Something You Ate: A Practical Guide to Avoiding and Surviving Food-Borne Illness by Nichols Fox. Needless to say, I was disheartened to read about the common contamination of food. The author went on to say how the FDA has pretty much put all responsibility for food safety on the consumer such as making sure you thoroughly cook all meat and eggs at certain temperatures for certain lengths of time to make sure you "kill" all the contaminants. We didn't go vegan after reading this, but we were certainly headed in that direction after that frightening incident.

As a vegan, I do realize that some produce also gets contaminated and can cause food poisoning, however, this is most likely due to water contamination from runoff from farms that slaughter animals, so it's just as important to be careful whom you purchase food from or, even better, grow your own. And always make sure you thoroughly wash your produce, even soaking it in clean water.

Not long after Jim recovered from the food poisoning, my uncle was preparing his Caesar salad recipe and I noticed him making the dressing with raw eggs. I asked him, "how do you know those eggs don't have salmonella?" He told me, "we don't. We just take our chances." "No, thanks," I said. Now THAT'S scary.

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  1. good point ... animal products have to be cooked to make sure the fecal material in them is safe to eat ... uh huh ... and they say veganism is extreme

    nice blog, btw