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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Still Here...

Music: FM 89.3 WQUED, the classical station (24 hours!)

Lest you think I've forgotten this blog, never fear! I am now in the great city of Pittsburgh, PA in the neighborhood (or borough as they call them) of Mount Washington. And I'm even living in an absolutely beautiful National Historic Landmark called Chatham Village, a cooperative housing community.

As you can imagine, I'm settling in and unpacking (hate unpacking!) and with that goes learning to navigate my way around the city to get to all my favorite food places including the East End Food Co-op, Trader Joe's, the local Farmers' Markets, and Whole Foods. More details on all of these places later. And also my favorite non-food places such as the local library (yes, I've already got my library card, before my driver's license!).

Pittsburgh is a very hilly place and I feel a bit of culture shock going across numerous bridges (must remember that the Liberty Bridge takes me to Mt. Washington) and rivers and through tunnels, up and down curving streets, etc. I'll find my way. And I'll enjoy sharing it all with you.

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  1. Thinking about you Maria! I remember the last time I, for weeks I got lost every time I left the house, and Troy is fairly straightforward in its layout.

    I hate unpacking also. Packing can be fun, but unpacking requires so many decisions, it's exhausting.

    Looking forward to updates from your new home. Good luck and traveling mercies!