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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Farmers' Market in a Subdivision

Music: John Mellencamp, Life, Death, Love & Freedom

Today's smoothie: beet greens, fresh raspberries, banana

Well, I'm pleasantly surprised. While out on one of our evening turns (that's Jane Austen's term for a stroll in case you haven't heard that before), Jim pointed out to me wild black raspberry shrubs & cherry trees with bright red and black cherries along the foot path near Brewster Road in Rochester Hills (RH).

We're crashing here temporarily with my parents while waiting for our new home to be ready in Pittsburgh and, while RH likes to think it's the country with it's ridiculous two-lane roads (with a population of almost 70,000, who are they kidding?) that cause aggravatingly long commutes (it takes Jim 60 minutes to travel from downtown Royal Oak to here), we discovered a bit of its farm past. There are grooves in the trees on the easement along Brewster Road planted with pines but guess what? Nature comes back as evidenced by both our raspberry shrub and cherry tree finds. We picked at least $5 worth of each for free. Which was good because we couldn't make it to the Farmers' Market last Saturday.

Aren't they beautiful? And they were so sweet!

They were a special treat with my muesli!


  1. Goood find! Our cherries are sour. :)

  2. I love your blog! Making your carrot/chick pea salad tonight. Click on you after you posted to Rachel Stornant tribute.

    Is that a Molly Abraham look a like pic on your profile?

    Jeff Zook