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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Veg Fest 2010

Music: Pride and Prejudice, original motion picture soundtrack

Today's smoothie: curly parsley, fresh lemon balm leaves from the garden, frozen blueberries, banana, bit o'avocado

Last Sunday, we attended Veg Michigan's annual festival, Veg Fest, at Ferndale High for the first time. This is an all day event designed to promote and inform the public about going vegetarian and vegan. It was quite an impressive turnout and the final counts came in at around 2400 people, up from 1600 the previous year.

Veg Michigan's philosophy is to welcome everyone, not just vegetarians and vegans. The two big-name speakers this year were former Piston John Salley and Rory Freedman, author of the Skinny Bitch books. I liked Salley's philosophy: don't condemn or convert, just convince.

Rory Freedman, while certainly beautiful and colorful, was very graphic in her descriptions of animal abuse and she even read passages from a book about slaughterhouses. I had to leave the auditorium because I just couldn't handle it, even with my fingers in my ears. I know what goes on and it breaks my heart but I cannot hear about it, read about it, or see visuals. I'm just too sensitive I guess!

We also attended lectures on the raw foods lifestyle and why eating vegan is best for the environment.

There were booths and booths of information on everything from eco/vegan cosmetics, green cleaning, eco lawn care, organic food and teas, the raw lifestyle, and even vegan pet food.

There were also cooking demos and a fabulous spread of vegan vendors selling food and giving out free samples. I expected to see Royal Oak's The Inn Season Cafe there (as well as Whole Foods) but it made me happy to also see Detroit Zen Center of Hamtramck dishing out delicious choices to lines of people! I had a kale/quinoa salad and for dessert, a cacao milkshake--all raw!

If you're interested, next year, Veg Fest will be held at the Rock Financial Showplace in Novi.

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