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Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Shampoo

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Today's smoothie: baby spinach, fresh pineapple, frozen strawberries and frozen mixed fruit blend, banana

The herbs are really starting to revive in the garden! The mints (spearmint, peppermint, orange mint and catmint) are up and Jim will soon move them to pots (because if he doesn't, they WILL take over the gardens). And, by the end of this week, we will use fresh lemon balm in our green smoothies. Yum! I've got several limes to use and I think lemon balm with lime will make a very nice combination.

I made a new batch of homemade shampoo last week. From Janice Cox's Natural Beauty from the Garden (a gift from my cousin, Suzanne), this is Scarborough Fair Shampoo:

1 tbsp fresh parsley
1 tbsp fresh sage
1 tbsp fresh rosemary
1 tbsp fresh thyme
1/2 C boiling water
1/2 mild liquid soap (such as Dr. Bronner's unscented; I buy this at Nutri-Foods)

Place all herbs in a glass heatproof bowl and pour the boiling water over them. Let steep for at least 20 minutes (or longer, until it cools). Strain out the herbs and compost them. Add the liquid soap to the herbed-infused water and stir to combine. With a small funnel, pour into a clean bottle and let sit overnight to thicken. To use: pour a small amount into your hand and massage into hair and scalp. Rinse well. I find this recipe makes my hair feel very clean and the herbs are a very nice, gentle scent. And, because you don't need a lot, I find that this mixture lasts me several months.

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