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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Music: Andrew Bird, Noble Beast

Today's smoothie: flat-leaf parsley, mint leaves, frozen peaches, banana, bit o'avocado

This is an Oat Sage patty (which I now make in batches & freeze for later use either like this or as my pancake accompaniment) from LuAnn Bermeo's Amazing Meals ( I served it on a Food for Life Ezekiel sprouted sesame bun, spread with some Vegenaise, & topped it with raw onions and sprouts (courtesy of Jim's ongoing sprout project in the dining room). I just steamed some broccoli & lightly tossed with a little flax oil & sprinkled with sesame seeds.

By the way, somebody asked me the other day where they could buy these products so it made me think I should be telling you this, of course! I find the Food for Life buns at Hollywood Market (in the freezer section), Nutri-Foods (in the refrigerated section), or Whole Foods (also in the freezer section). You can find Vegenaise at either Nutri-Foods or Whole Foods in the refrigerated section. I think they are cheaper at Nutri-Foods or Hollywood Market. And, like my bread, I freeze half of the buns & keep the rest in the refrigerator if I'm planning to eat them within a week.

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