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Friday, March 12, 2010

Homemade Peanut Butter

Today's smoothie: parsley, frozen fruit blend, bit o'avocado, banana

In our ongoing effort to reduce the amount of waste we recycle or toss (per one of our New Year's resolutions), Jim decided to make our own peanut butter. His first batch was made with some roasted peanuts using a food processor but it didn't quite taste the like organic commercial brand we bought. So he tried again after noticing that the batch he had made was significantly lighter in color than the store bought. He decided to roast the roasted peanuts even more and then tried again. This time, it came out tasting almost exactly like the store bought brand we loved. We store it in the refrigerator in one of those old-fashioned glass containers that they used to give you (for free!) long ago when you bought a refrigerator; these were my grandmother's.

Speaking of which, as my plastic containers break, melt, or just plain go bad, I've decided to replace them with glass instead.

So along with bread, vegan sausage-like products, and cereal (muesli and granola), we now no longer buy peanut butter in a plastic container. Yay!


  1. Isn't homemade peanut butter amazing?! I too make my own, and it's color is also quite lighter in color compared to the store bought stuff. I'm always afraid of toasting the peanuts for too long for fear of burning them. Can I ask how long you guys roasted the peanuts and at what temperature? Did you use already shelled Spanish peanuts or something else?

  2. Way to go, Jim! I've also been making my own lately, and have had the same issue. I'll have to try the further roasting technique.

  3. Jim toasted them in our tiny toaster oven at 300 degrees and watched them vigilantly so they wouldn't burn. He stirred them often & roasted them until the oils were coming through. He used regular Trader Joe's roasted peanuts that are sold in a bag. Next time, he might Spanish peanuts but you have to peel them of the skins!