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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weekend Breakfast

Music: Coldplay, X & Y

Today's smoothie: red chard, frozen peaches, banana, bit o'avocado, 3 tiny Clementines

I've made this before but instead of using Gimme Lean brand meatless sausage, I used an Oat-Sage patty that Jim had made and froze the week before. We're trying to get away from buying processed mock "meats" and making our own & freezing them instead.

The recipe for the Oat Sage patties is from LuAnn Bermeo's wonderful cookbook set, Amazing
Meals ( Reheated in the same pan that I sauteed a slice of firm tofu (in a little bit of oil & sprinkled with some all-purpose spice), it was absolutely delicious in a toasted sprouted grain English muffin from Food For Life. These are the best English muffins I've ever had, even when I wasn't vegan! I spread a little bit of Earth Balance Buttery spread on it & topped it with some fresh sunflower sprouts that Jim has been growing lately. So good!!

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