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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mom's Refried Beans

Music: Joni Mitchell, Court and Spark

Today's smoothie: dandelion greens, frozen strawberries, frozen blackberries, banana, avocado

Since I'm Mexican, one of the great comfort foods of my childhood is refried beans. My mom's (and her mother's) recipe for the simple pinto bean was absolutely delicious. They were simply softened (usually in a pressure cooker--something I'm afraid of, esp. ever since Jim had an explosion incident with one early in our marriage), then refried in small batches in a pan on the stovetop. Of course, they were refried in lard which I most certainly do not eat now.

But somehow, mine have never achieved that certain taste that I remember. So I've come up with my own recipes over the years and most recently, using some simple vegan recipes in my cookbooks, most notably the recipes in Sarah Kramer's books. They're delicious but not exactly the same.

My mom still makes refried beans and she always saves some for me. This was a batch I took home with me last weekend. She doesn't use lard anymore but, rather, vegetable oil. They still have that taste I remember so well. Thank you, Mom!

I stuffed some into a whole wheat tortilla (Mission brand from Hollywood market), with fresh parsley and avocado.

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