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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Coffee Sans Caffeine

Music: Winter Solstice 178 song playlist on my iPod

Today's smoothie: Chinese cabbage, frozen peaches, banana, avocado.

It’s official: I’ve replaced my second latte of the day--breakfast is still my usual homemade brew with frothed soy milk--with an herbal coffee without caffeine! I first tried Teeccino while on my South Haven retreat and it was so delicious with Silk soy vanilla creamer I bought some when I got home. Both Nutri-Foods in Royal Oak as well as Whole Foods in Troy carry it and there are also different roasts and flavors. So far, I like the Mayan Dark Roast & the Chocolate best. Jim likes these, too, but his favorite is the Mediterranean Medium Roast. This product is almost like what I like to call Depression-era coffee. When people couldn’t afford coffee, they would roast herbs such as chicory and brew “coffee-like” beverages from them. My mom’s family used to do this when she was young. These herbal coffees use (per their web site), “herbs, grains, fruits, & nuts” that they roast. They’re good for people who want an energy boost without the side effects of caffeine (such as acidity, nervousness, etc.). Teeccino also has fiber, which is always good for you.

Whatever, I think it tastes wonderful and I have not had any headaches due to the substitution. And, while I didn’t expect him to, Jim tried the samples I brought back from the retreat and now his afternoon “coffee” is also Teeccino.

Has anybody else tried this and liked it?


  1. Teeccino has been a life-saver for me! I was a huge coffee lover. The stronger the better! On one of my trips to Italy I purchased a stove top Italian coffee maker that simply brews coffee the best in my opinion! I used Illy coffee from Italy. However, when IBS decided to take over my life, I developed incredible stomach and digestive tract pains after drinking coffee. I thought it was the caffeine so I tried decaf one night and thought I was going to die from the pain! As it turns out I learned that it is the acid in the coffee that is a terrible trigger for IBS symptoms. (Decaf, I learned, has more acid taht regular coffee!)

    So I looked elsewhere and stumbled upon the Teeccino website. Not only does it not adversely affect my IBS AT ALL, but it actually tastes really good too! I have some friends who wanted to cut back on their coffee intake so I recommended the Teeccino. They couldn't be happier. I wouldn't be surprised if they dump the coffee all together.

    It's a bit hard for a guy to respond to questions about what I am drinking with "it's herbal coffee," but I'm not changing for the world!

    By the way, my favorite by far is the Mocha flavor!

  2. I love teeccino - I made the switch about a year ago and haven't looked back since! I mix Hazelnut and Java flavors and brew in a french press. I add a splash of organic ahlf and half and 2 packets of sweet leaf stevia - deelish!

  3. Teeccino is great! I don't know why anyone would drink regular coffee when Teeccino tastes so good and is healthy! The french press is a great way to make it. Be sure to try it iced next summer! Blended or on the rocks it's wonderfully refreshing!