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Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Sans Turkey

Music: Queen, The Game**

Today's smoothie: collard greens, leftover cranberry relish, banana, 1/4 avocado, water.

It's a few days late, but I thought I'd post some pictures of our vegan Thanksgiving meal. That's roasted beets & carrots around a Chicken-Style Tofu Loaf (that I had made the week before & froze half of), Fresh Cranberry Relish, Farmhouse Stuffing, & some Cashew Gravy that Jim made (because Jim must have gravy). For my part, I do not like either gravy or cranberry relish (or sauce) on my food. I'll make the cranberry sauce for the family, but don't eat it myself. I find my food is just fine without it and that it actually makes my food taste bad. Go figure.

All these wonderful recipes are in LuAnn Bermeo's Amazing Meals ( It's kind of neat to have these fabulous recipes and know that, if I have a question, I can just email & ask her. Since she reads this blog, I don't feel I should post any more recipes from her books because she'd really rather sell the darn things, you know? Anyway, they are so worth it. You won't be sorry. Unless she says otherwise, I will just advertise the great food with pictures.

Jim & I ended up eating our meal at home before we visited my family for dessert later in the day. We just couldn't figure out how to make our food (ahead of time? Freeze it & reheat later?Too many cooks in my mother's kitchen, etc.). It worked out okay, actually, because some friends of ours visiting from Petoskey were in town & stopped by in the morning. I got a little distracted from my cooking while they were here so I forgot to also make a green salad and add onions to my roasted vegetables. Oh, well. There was plenty of food to eat!

While I was at my parents' house on Thanksgiving and helping my mother put leftovers away, I opened a cupboard & saw a box of Aunt Jemima pancake mix. My mother has always used this and, until I met Jim, I didn't think pancakes could be made any other way. As we know, I was wrong, wrong, wrong!

Now I know that I will never eat Aunt Jemima pancake mix again. It tastes like cardboard! I'm so used to whole grains' heartiness that I would be hungry in an hour if I ate these! Jim made these delicious pancakes from Amazing Meals, where the recipe is really a base for biscuits! And they look it! These are made with apple and they puffed up like little Dutch babies. So flavorful. He used whole wheat pastry flour for that whole grain taste that my tastebuds have come to love. If I didn't get up so darn early, I would love to have friends over for breakfast to serve them these amazing pancakes.

I love eating good food!

**Jim is the original Queen fan in this house; he has been a huge fan since junior high in the '80s. Me? I jumped in with the rest of America when "We Will Rock You" became a hit. But the other day, Jim received Queen Rock Montreal (1981) on DVD & we watched it. I really, really enjoyed it and was amazed at their talent. So Jim is introducing me to classic Queen, including this great album. My favorite songs so far include "Dragon Attack," "Killer Queen, & "Tenement Funster."

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  1. Your food looks like it turned out great! I was meaning to post some pictures of the vegan food my wife and her mother had prepared for thanksgiving, but never got the chance. Vegan stuffing, a giant roast-like tofurkey, vegan cake, as well as some other dishes were around. Great stuff!