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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Old-Fashioned Makeup

Music: Nat King Cole**

On my South Haven retreat, a woman presenting the seminars on raw foods and green smoothies mentioned a web site called Safe Cosmetics ( At that web site, there is a link to a database called, Skin Deep, where you can put in the names of all the cosmetics you use and it will tell you what the ingredients are and if they are considered safe for your use. It’s amazing to me what the FDA allows women to use on their skin, the largest organ of our bodies with millions of pores! Even I, who only wear translucent powder and a bit of mascara, was shocked to find that Physician’s Formula brand (one my eye doctor recommended) cosmetics contain toxic ingredients!

Well, I don't want that in my body.

So I decided to try to make those two products with homemade ingredients. After a little web browsing, I came up with this recipe for my face powder:


organic rice flour

organic cocoa powder

I sifted all in a little saucer, adding cocoa until I got the color closest to the powder I was already using. I tested it on the top of my hand for color matching, then my face. It smells so good! I used cocoa powder because I’m dark haired and have a little darker pigment to my skin tone than blondes.

For mascara, I just used barely any almond oil on the tips of the tops of my lashes after using a lash curler.

The real test was did the look last all day? Yes, it did! No more toxic cosmetics for me. And a lot cheaper, too. What a scam I've been fed all these years. Better late than never.

**My father loved Nat King Cole and one of my earliest memories is Cole singing, "Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy, Days of Summer." Whenever I hear it, I think of my dad.

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  1. My parents loved Nat King Cole too. And so do I--what a voice! :)