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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Raw Echinacea

Well, unfortunately, we had to clean up the garden last weekend, cutting down the remnants of tomato & cucumber plants, fallen perennials, and emptying pots. This always makes me sad because as everyone knows, I prefer the warm weather.

Jim harvested lots of echinacea roots so we can make our own “immuni-teas” this winter season. This is what it looks like raw after washing and cutting. He then froze it in small batches. Powerful stuff! Makes your mouth tingle. This is how we keep from getting sick.

For dinner last Saturday, Jim made brown rice spaghetti with his grandma's sauce (made from tomatoes he roasted in the summer and then froze for later use) and some Italian Tofurky soy sausages, some sauteed green beans from the garden (that he blanched then froze), and a side salad of arugula, red peppers, & onions. I wasn't sure I'd like the brown rice pasta but, as I've said, my taste buds have changed so now I really enjoyed it.

There has been lots of wonderful arugula at the Farmers’ Market lately and I’ve been eating it up. It’s now my current favorite green. I'm going to ask Jim to try growing some next year.

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