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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vegan Mexican Food

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Most times, what I eat is determined by what's in the house. There's nothing that annoys me more than wasting food. Whatever I make, I make sure that I eat it all. When Jim is out of town and it's just me, I have to be especially vigilant and not have too much to eat!

Last week, I bought some handmade style corn tortillas from Hollywood Market so naturally we got taco & fajita ideas. They're made by La Tortilla Factory and are almost like flour tortillas in texture but with a true corn taste. They also make a white corn tortilla which I bought before. Since going vegan, we've discovered that the regular flour tortillas made with white flour actually make Jim feel like his food isn't digesting properly. So we eat only corn or whole wheat/flax tortillas now.

Jim made these amazing tofu fajitas by blackening strips of firm tofu with barely any vegetable oil in our new "green" skillet with peppers and onions. The pan was sizzling on our table just like in a restaurant! I served it with a side of the leftover pinto bean salad, some basmati rice, and a raw side of avocado & tomatoes.

Last week we also bought some portobello mushrooms from the Farmers' Market so he made these roasted vegetable sandwiches on Friday night with peppers & onions, with a smear of Vegenaise and fresh lettuce on toasted Breadsmith multigrain bread. I added a side of tomatoes & some artichokes & Spanish olives.

And these are some soft tacos made with the corn tortillas with soy chorizo, lettuce, tomato, onions, & avocado.

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