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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stevia Instead of Sugar

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I recently watched (for the second time) Jill Ovnik's wonderful DVD, Change Your Food, Change Your Life. Ovnik lives in South Haven, Michigan and her DVD was one of the deciding factors in my taking the vegan plunge in October 2007. She has such a wonderful way of presenting being vegan with enthusiam, knowledge, and common sense. Most libraries have this on their shelves and you can check it out free but you can also buy it.

One of the best features about this DVD is her practical step-by-step presentation of what to shop for in the grocery store. She mentions something called stevia which is a natural sweetener. You barely need any of it and it has zero calories. It's an herb that grows in a shrub in South America.

I purchase it in packets at Nutri-Foods in downtown Royal Oak but I've also seen it at Trader Joe's. Nutri-Foods let me take one packet home to try before I even bought it! I've just begun using it in my coffee and my morning muesli. I still use turbinado sugar or evaporated cane juice for baking, though, because you don't measure stevia the same way you do sugar.

We decided to try it mainly because Jim is watching his calories (he has lost 30 pounds since April!). I like it because it's an herb and you don't need much to make something taste sweet.

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