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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Solo Eats

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This week, Jim took the digital camera with him on his vacation so I can’t take pictures of my food! I might have to pick up a mini-camera for when one of us takes a vacation without the other--which we do often because we have the little-old-lady cat.

To make things simple since I worked a few long days this week, I sauteed tofu to have for the week in sandwiches, and also made a batch of chickpea hummus.

Before he left, Jim picked the rest of the kale for me to have and I have tomatoes galore so I also made gazpacho.

Making sandwiches on a variety of breads, including pita, whole wheat tortillas, Breadsmith bread, or sprout bread, I was pretty much set for the week.

On Saturday, I visited the Farmers’ Market & picked up baby radishes, the last of the blueberries (sob!), some Gala apples, green peppers, cucumber, carrots, & Bibb lettuce.

I also made an udon wheat noodle sesame salad. I’ve made this recipe before but used soba noodles. It’s very quick & easy, delicious, & looks great.

I didn't want to make too much food because it was just me and I didn't want the food to go bad. It's just enough.

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