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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Detroit Zen Center Cafe

Several months ago, a co-worker told me about the Detroit Zen Center Cafe in Hamtramck. Today Jim & I finally visited for lunch. It was a very calm, soothing space but a little on the chilly side. I'm not sure, as it was in the basement of a formerly condemned building, but it felt like the air conditioning was on. And readers of this blog know how I feel about being cold!

The directions to the cafe were very straightforward and we had no trouble finding it; the staff was very welcoming. We soon warmed up with some wonderfully hot hibiscus herbal tea served in a French press.

You could eat at a regular table or seated on the floor on low tea tables. Because Jim's back has been bothering him, we opted for the regular table.

The menu was simple with about five or six options and everything was raw and vegan. I enjoyed a hummus, with fresh tomato slices, red peppers, sunflower sprouts & avocado slices on raw sprouted barley bread. When I asked about the bread, I was told that they grow the seeds themselves, grind them, then form the bread & dehydrate it for 24 hours. It's time intensive but when you only eat raw, that's your option for bread if you miss it! It was chewy like bread & thin like a cracker. I took a picture of my meal after I had already taken one delicious bite! It wasn't a ton of food (which I appreciate) but it was enough to satisfy without feeling stuffed. Eating this way makes me feel so good. Very peaceful and cleansing.

I didn't take a picture but Jim enjoyed a creamy tomato broccoli soup (a raw gazpacho) and a kale salad. And for dessert, he had some raw fudge with almonds, macadamia nuts, & raw coconut. I took one bite. I remember that in one of my recipe books there are recipes for raw fudge & cookies that you refrigerate instead of bake. In fact, the pate that Jim made in the winter is almost raw.

The Detroit Zen Center offers Zen meditation classes for beginners as well as yoga. Its cafe has only been open for two months and also sells organic foods, personal care, & house cleaning products. I recommend it as a wonderful place for vegans & non-vegans alike.

It's another great place for us to eat & only 10 minutes by I-75 from our house.

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  1. Sounds and looks delicious! With a newborn around, Cory and I could use a healthy meal in a peaceful atmosphere.