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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer Means Plums!

Music: Edie Brickell, Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars

As a child, I definitely preferred fruits to vegetables. I'm not sure why; maybe my mother fed me fruit first? But it wasn't until college that I really began to eat my vegetables--scary to think that now but it's true! And it wasn't until I went vegan that I began experimenting with different fruits and vegetables.

But I always loved fruit. My absolute favorite were plums. Dark, juicy, plump plums. My mother always bought them for me but I can't remember the first time I ate one. In fact, I don't remember anyone but me eating them.

When I went vegan and started shopping at the Farmers' Market, I discovered different varieties of plums. Look at these beautiful yellow ones I got last Saturday! This batch was perfectly sweet, juicy, and fresh.

I found a poem by William Carlos Williams last year that captures my fascination with plums. Read it while enjoying a nice juicy plum.


  1. This is true for me also. I love fruits and vegetables these days, and this wasn't so when I was younger. I think it's because I have a greater understanding of the vegan diet, I know they are good for me, and no one is forcing them on me as my parents did when I was younger.

  2. Funny, I used to eat plums all the time as a kid and have somehow lost the habit... hope its not that I've become old and fear the messy factor.

    Now you've got me craving plum juice running down my chin :)