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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lovin' That Farmers' Market!

Music: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Up from Below

Last Saturday at the Farmers’ Market I picked up these adorable tiny radishes. They’re so cute. I enjoy them in salads but I also like to make radish sandwiches.

Thinly spread soy buttery spread (I like Earth Balance brand found at Trader Joe's or Nutri Foods) on two slices of bread of your choice then add thin slices of radishes. Add a couple leaves of crispy lettuce.

We also bought lettuce, broccoli, and of course, blueberries!

I had to work an odd shift at the library (12-5), but it was too early for lunch. But I had to eat something since I'd only get a 15 minute break at 3pm. So Second Breakfast was the logical choice.

This is toasted Food for Life cinnamon raisin bread (LOVE their stuff!) and slices of Farmers’ Market apricots, my mother’s favorite fruit. I wish she lived closer so that she could enjoy these. I think of her every time I eat them.

This is a quick dinner. Tofu sandwich on toasted Breadsmith French Peasant bread, wilted kale, & sliced cucumbers from the garden with just ground pepper.

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  1. I LOVE Food For Life cinnamon raisin bread! I wish they had it at Kroger.