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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Invasion of the Green Beans

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Since the green beans are coming so fast & furious in the garden now, Jim is blanching and freezing them. We've roasted some to eat warm or leftover in salads, but I found a recipe in Super Natural Cooking that I adapted with ingredients I had on hand to eat even more of them!

I pulsed them (in small handfuls) in my food processor so they were about 1/8 " pieces, then I steamed them briefly in a little water. Then I added some onions (which I also pulsed in the food processor), some chopped jalapenos from the garden (sans seeds), a dash of Tabasco sauce, some salt & pepper, & a mix of olive oil and white wine vinegar for the dressing. It was a fun and very different way to enjoy green beans.

This is a Boca gardenburger on a whole wheat bun from Trader Joe's, served with lettuce & raw onions, organic ketchup & mustard, with roasted green beans and a side salad of cucumbers & cherry tomatoes from the garden, radishes & parsley from the Farmers' Market. I made up a quick dressing with about a tablespoon of Vegenaise, fresh lemon juice, sea salt & ground pepper.

And this is a tempeh salad I enjoyed for lunch the other day. It's served on a pita with radishes, sprouts, & parsley and a side salad of leftover green bean salad, cherry tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers, & avocado. I rolled up the pita after I took the picture. I prefer to use the pita bread this way as opposed to pockets because I never seem to cut them evenly & the bread becomes so thin it falls apart. This way I taste more of the pita, which is so warm and soft. I heat them briefly in my toaster oven at about 200 degrees for about 2-3 minutes and they fold up really nice. I like the Francis Mediterranean Bakery brand that is made in Windsor. They are so soft and I found that is the brand that Steve's BackRoom also uses. I buy them at Hollywood Market in downtown Royal Oak.

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