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Monday, August 3, 2009

Ever Seen a Lemon Cucumber?

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When we first lived in Royal Oak, we lived in a the cutest little two bedroom house on the southeast side of the city. Jim planted his first garden and grew all kinds of vegetables. My favorites were lemon cucumbers that he grew from seed. They are heirloom seeds from an organic seed company called Seeds of Change. I think they are called lemon cucumbers because they're shaped like a lemon. But they are cucumbers. And such delicious cucumbers!

When we moved to Detroit, for some reason, they just wouldn't grow well. We explained it away to bad karma.

So when we moved back to Royal Oak in 2004, Jim tried growing them again. It took a few years, but this year, they're back! When you first pick them, the skins are a little prickly until you rinse them and rub off the prickles. But they won't hurt you if you eat them. Isn't it cute?

I enjoyed them in a side salad with roasted beets & zucchini, raw onion, blanched green beans, & my cherry tomatoes and jalapenos. It was delicious served with a tofu sandwich.

Hooray for lemon cucumbers, summer, and fresh food!

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