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Friday, July 10, 2009

Some Vegan Sandwiches

Music: Bessie Smith

For dinner the other night after work, I sauteed a very large portobello mushroom from the Farmers' Market. In a skillet, I added a little bit of water to simmer it in until almost all the liquid was absorbed. Then I sauteed it in a tsp of olive oil, sea salt, & ground pepper. As you can see, it was so big, it was larger than my bun! I served it with a bit of Vegenaise, sauteed onions & lettuce with a little side salad of more lettuce, onions, & leftover roasted beets.

And this was just a quick sandwich of roasted zucchini (from the garden!), onions, & beets with lettuce on toasted sprouted Trader Joe's bread, leftover Quinoa Salad, and more roasted zucchini, avocado, & parsley.

Yesterday, I visited my good friend in Grosse Pointe, where we grabbed takeout from the Sprout House, then watched the boats go by on Lake St. Clair in Patterson Park. I ate a tofu sandwich with grated carrots, sprouts, and sun dried tomato with potato chips. It was a gorgeous day!

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