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Monday, July 6, 2009

Some Summer Eats

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This blog post might be a little long today (and longer than I usually like to make it), but I was away from the computer this weekend for the holiday and wanted to catch up all my delicious meals.

This past week has been some very good eating. I refuse to eat bad food & most people who know me know that it is a #1 priority with me. If it isn't good, I won't eat it. Taste trumps all.

This is a Veggie BLAT from (of all places) Gwyneth Paltrow's blog, called GOOP. A Facebook friend turned me on to this site; she still eats meat but is very into healthful living so some of her recipes are vegan, like this one. I tried some LightLife Smart Bacon for the first time and, while I don't like to eat a lot of processed foods or "mock meats," this adds a nice flavor to this sandwich. That's toasted French Peasant Bread (from Breadsmith), spread with Vegenaise, with avocado, tomatoes from the Farmers' Market (hothouse, which weren't fabulous but just okay but very juicy), lettuce from the garden and, just because I love it, sliced onion. We ate it with side salads & steamed beet greens.

On Thursday, I made this Jerk-Spiced Seitan from Vegan Express. In a bowl, I combined 1/2 C fruit nectar (I used papaya but you could also use mango or pineapple) with 1 tbsp cornstarch until dissolved, then I added 2 tbsp maple syrup, 2 tbsp soy sauce, 2 tbsp fresh lime juice, & 1 tsp jerk seasoning. I served it over jasmine rice with a little side salad of lettuce, onions, & Spanish olives with a little sea salt, pepper, & lemon juice.

Then I took a package of seitan and sauteed it in 1 tbsp olive oil in a wide skillet over medium heat with one small sliced onion. When it was nicely browned and the onions translucent, I added the jerk mixture, which I improvised because I didn't have ready-made Jamaican jerk spice seasoning. Heat until warmed through evenly.

This is some leftovers (of the chickpea toss & rice) with a side salad and some refried beans, a recipe from The Garden of Vegan:

2 tbsp soy margarine (I used Shedd's Willow Run)
2 C cooked or canned pinto beans (DO NOT RINSE IF USING CANNED)
1 small onion, finely chopped
1/4 tsp salt
black pepper to taste

In a medium pan on medium-high heat, melt margarine until bubbling, then add beans & cook for about 3 minutes Add onions, salt, & pepper but don't stir. Reduce heat & cook until onions have softened. Mash the beans to your desired mushiness (I like to mash only about 1/2 of them because I like the whole bean rather than a cream).
This was an outstanding impromptu salad (my favorite), with half of a Tofurkey sausage (Jim got the other half), diced avocado, pepperoncini, chopped carrots, leftover basmati rice, Spanish olives, slices of onion, and cilantro, parsley, & lettuce from the garden.

This past weekend, I made some of my salsa recipe, made with the first jalapenos from the garden as well as some fresh cilantro which is coming in like crazy. I'm picking it every day now so it doesn't bloom. So good!

Over the weekend, I spent every evening at Detroit's Cityfest, listening to live music. We only ate there on the last day. What did I eat? I got some pita with hummus and half a falafel wrap from Motown Kabob, which was surprisingly good. I just asked them what ingredients they used to make their food & told them I was vegan. The spread in the falafel wrap was a tahini mixture and it was oddly good. Odd because there was chopped dill pickle in it!

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