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Friday, July 17, 2009

Fashion and Style

Music: Ben Lee, The Rebirth of Venus

As I've mentioned before in this blog, somehow being vegan made me look more closely at the world around me and how I was doing things.

Around the same time I went vegan in 2007, I started buying all my clothes (and sometimes shoes) used at the Salvation Army, thrift shops, or vintage clothing stores. Living in Royal Oak, there are many, such as Lost and Found Vintage, T.J.'s Sweet Repeats, & Mother Fletcher's. I also like the Neighborhood Thrift Store & Salvation Army in Grosse Pointe. Most of the clothes are barely worn; in fact, many still have price tags on them! I've found designer labels from JCrew and Calvin Klein to DKNY & BCBG. Best of all, I rarely pay more than $8 for each item! Compare that to when I used to buy brand new Gap jeans for $50! Crazy! And I'm much happier with the fit and style of the clothes I buy. They're broken in since they've been worn and washed.

I first started haunting the Salvation Army in Royal Oak after I complimented a woman who was wearing the cutest cherry colored capris. I asked where she got them and she told me, "Salvation Army for $3!" That was that.

I like to dress uniquely and I always hated shopping at department stores or malls. Boring! Buying used means combing the racks, but it's fun! Everything is organized, clean, and arranged by garment then either color or size.

I get lots of compliments on my clothes and part of the fun is watching peoples' faces when I tell them where I shop. I'll never go back to retail. There's so many clothes waiting to be worn again that there's no need to buy new.

Additionally, I also buy all my dishware, pots and pans, picture frames, and art work used.

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  1. You've inspired me with this post. This is something I've thought about a lot.