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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fancy Lunch that Only Looks Fancy

Music: George Harrison

The kale is coming fast & furious in the garden. Jim is growing three kinds: dragon, red Russian, and green. I picked several large leaves to steam yesterday morning. It filled the skillet but you know how kale (& spinach & mustard & beet greens) always shrinks dramatically. I just rinsed it really well and put it dripping wet in the skillet, covered it, & let it steam until done. Then I drizzled in the tiniest little bit of toasted sesame oil and Braggs.

I served it with some simple basmati rice and Chickpea Toss. I also cut up an avocado & added some leftover roasted beets for the side. I think it took about 30 minutes to make it all. Best of all, there were leftovers! The chickpea toss can be eaten cold tossed into a salad and so can the rice for another meal.

Jim picked some baby zucchini yesterday so I plan to make something with that for lunch today. Stay tuned for the next deliciously awesome vegan recipe!

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