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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Food

Music: AM580 "The Sounds of Sinatra"

This is a salad I just made up today for dinner using one Boca Chik patty, some jarred pepperonicini, lettuce, thyme, savory, parsley, lemon balm, mixed sprouts, & kale from the garden, some leeks from the Farmers' Market, some bulgur I made yesterday tossed in, & topped with a dressing made of Vegenaise, lemon juice, dried dill, sea salt & pepper. Outstanding!

Yesterday, we reheated some leftover Vegan Paella and I sauteed some tempeh in a little olive oil, Bragg's, & all-purpose spice mix, served with a little mixed lettuce/leek salad. I'll use the leftover tempeh as a sandwich filling over the next few days with a bunch of raw vegetables.

This is the chick pea smash I've made so many times. I also like to call it "Tuna without the smell" as it uses the same exact ingredients to make tuna fish! Who knew chick peas could taste so good? These were chick peas I cooked in a large batch, froze, then thawed as I use them. Just pulse 2 cups of chick peas in a food processor, toss in a large bowl. Pulse a couple stalks of celery hearts, 1/2 of an onion, & about 2 inches of a dill pickle, toss in the bowl. Then add Vegenaise until creamy, a couple squirts of mustard, some sea salt & pepper, & mix it all up. So good!

Of course, my days would not be complete without my latte. Look how well soy milk foams up with my cappuccino maker! Who knew? Bon appetit!

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