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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Potluck or Party Food

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Last Friday night, I was invited by a co-worker to a Twilight party; a little get together of just women around my age (40 plus). It was almost a Twilight-bashing party, really, since all of them (except me) had kids and they were going on and on about how inappropriate it was for their daughters--most of us, mind you, had mothers who did no such thing. My mother only saw I was reading, she never censored what I picked up. I read what a lot of those women would consider "inappropriate" books but so what? Anyway....we're here to talk about what I brought.

A bean & grain salad is always good to bring to parties & potlucks because it keeps really well, it's very flavorful, & it looks pretty!

This is my usual toss-it-together recipe except that, instead of couscous, I cooked some orzo. They loved it!

I just cooked some orzo (sorry I don't have measurements but I think it was almost a 1/2 C uncooked), then tossed in a cubed avocado, 2 C of thawed black beans, 1/2 C roasted red peppers, some onions finely diced, the juice of one lime, 1 or 2 tbsp olive oil (I eyeball how moist the salad is getting as I add oil--I hate drenched oily salads). And....hmmm...I think that's it. Salt & pepper, and 1/2 tsp cumin, too. Oh, and some chopped cilantro from the garden. Quick & easy but it looks impressive and like I spent a long time making it, doesn't it?

And this is my lunch the next day, the last of the potluck salad with a toasted hummus sandwich & fresh strawberries from the Farmers' Market.

Oh, one more aside from that party; many of the women there were intrigued with my being vegan (great conversation starter as you can see!). They told me they just can't help "craving meat." I can't remember where I saw a quote the next day (probably Twitter) but someone said something like, "if you stop eating it, you will stop craving it." So true! Besides the obvious (dairy, eggs, meat) that I've stopped eating, I've also stopped eating sugary foods. And I no longer crave them. In fact, a lot of desserts & sweets are just too sweet for me. I always find myself reducing sugar/sweeteners in recipes now. Cool!

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