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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Quick & Simple

Music: Collective Soul

Sometimes the best meals are those that are thrown together quickly with ingredients and leftovers already on hand. And, when the weather turns warmer, I love doing this. As much as I enjoy cooking, I don't always feel like doing it. Really, it's true! That's why it's good to make extra stuff. I had some bulgur, some leftover tempeh, and vegetables from both the gardens and the Farmers' Market in the fridge. And I had bought some absolutely delicious pepperoncini (Delallo brand from Hollywood Market). 

This is just a simple salad Jim created for himself tonight. Leftover reheated tempeh and cut into cubes, lettuce, onions, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, pepperonicini, avocado, and a dressing of tahini, olive oil, garlic powder, sea salt, ground pepper, & agave nectar. Fresh and pretty. Oh, and delicious, too, of course! 

And this is what I ate: reheated tempeh, a side salad of carrots, pepperonicini, lettuce, onions, avocado with a dressing of lemon juice, sea salt, & pepper. And brown rice on the side. Yum!

And, while I didn't take a picture, for lunch at work today (since I worked a full 8 hours instead of my usual 5) I took a hummus, lettuce, onion sandwich on rye bread, a salad of bulgur, onions, carrots, pepperoncini, lemon juice, sea salt, & pepper, potato chips, banana, double iced latte with soymilk, & homemade biscotti. I ate it in the library's Peace Garden. Bliss!

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