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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Salad and A Sandwich

Music: The Glenn Miller Orchestra

Feast your eyes on this delicious salad I made today:


I cooked 1/2 C of (rinsed & drained) quinoa in 1 C water as directed on the package, then after it cooked & cooled, I added 2 C of chickpeas, a bunch of spinach (sliced), 1/2 C roasted red & yellow peppers, 1/3 C Spanish olives, 2 chopped carrots, and an almost full 12-oz drained jar of marinated artichokes. The dressing is the juice of 1/2 lemon & 1/2 a lime (I like to mix things up!), 1 tbsp flax oil & 1 tbsp olive oil.

I served it with a half pita of 1/2 of a Boca Chik patty, Vegenaise, sliced onions, lettuce, & some avocado. I plan to take the other half to work later for dinner.

I also baked some oven fries in a little coconut oil, sea salt, & turmeric to have on the side.

Then I ate it all outside on my patio table—yes! I brought it outside today! Pictures another time.


  1. LOVE your blog - I just started reading it. I have a question though - you use lots of beans/chickpeas in your recipes. Are these from cans? are they raw? are they dried? You;ve inspired me to go with more grains, and I'm trying to figure out how...

  2. I think Mike would LOVE this! Maybe I'll try making it. -Jenn