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Friday, March 20, 2009


Tonight I tried tempeh for the first time. Tempeh is soy, made from soybeans that have been cooked & cultured. It looks like a rectangular cake form. I bought the Lifeline brand at Trader Joe’s which was a three grain style made with organic soybeans, organic brown rice, organic millet, & organic barley. I cut up the entire cake into 1/4” thick slices then sautéed it in a skillet (like I do the firm tofu to make tofu sandwiches) with 1 tbsp toasted sesame oil & 2 tbsp Bragg’s. I also sprinkled one side with my all-purpose spice mix (see blog post dated Feb. 12th) & cooked until both sides were nicely browned.

All of my cookbooks had lots to say about tempeh. One said that it had a “strong flavor” while another said it was an “acquired taste” with a “slightly nutty” flavor. Well, I loved it! My husband wasn’t so sure. The texture was almost meat-like which got me thinking it might work for when I convert my old Cuban arroz con pollo recipe, which requires browning the chicken before it is cooked with the rice. Next time, I will buy some seitan to try which is another soy protein.

We ate the tempeh with leftover brown & jasmine rice mixed together and steamed baby spinach.

I work all day tomorrow so I will take some of the leftover tempeh, reheat it at work, then make a sandwich with Vegenaise, lettuce & onions in a pita bread. I’ve also packed an antipasto salad of onions, roasted red peppers, pepperonicini, martichokes (my slang for marinated artichokes), & Spanish olives; Clementines; mixed nuts, & of course, my latte.

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