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Friday, April 3, 2009

A New Kind of Pizza

Look what was waiting for me when I got home from work today:


Jim gets home earlier than I do and he was apparently in a cooking mood! And I thought I was going to have to come up with my own dinner. As it was, I only had to do the dishes.

Like most recipes in Dreena Burton’s cookbooks, this one takes a few steps to put together but, hey, if Jim wanted to, hooray for me!

This recipe is adapted from the Brown Rice Pizza from Vive Le Vegan:

After cooking 3/4 C brown rice and 1/2 C millet in 3 1/4 C water, he mixed it with some olive oil, oregano, basil, marjoram, sea salt, & black pepper. He then spread the mixture on a lightly oiled baking sheet until it stuck together like dough, even up the rim of the pan. He then baked it for 10 minutes at 375 degrees. He made a quick tomato sauce and smoothed that over the rice “dough.” Earlier, while the grains were cooking, he roasted some mushrooms & onions spiced with sea salt, olive oil, & balsamic vinegar on a parchment paper covered baking sheet, then cut them up & added them to the pizza, along with some roasted red peppers, martichokes, & Spanish olives. Then he baked it once again for another 15 minutes.

It was delicious & very different. The vegetables were the perfect complement on top of the sticky, firm grains underneath. This isn’t like bread dough pizza, however, and it isn’t supposed to be. If you try to pick it up with your hands it will fall apart. You eat it with a fork and knife.

As you can see, this would be a great recipe for any leftover rice you might have & tomato sauce. It would come together a lot quicker.

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