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Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Vegan Effects

On Thursday afternoon I had lunch with a friend at the Sprout House in Grosse Pointe Park. I found this little gem of a restaurant/health food store several years ago when I lived in Detroit. I would often meet my friend (then a school teacher at Defer Elementary) there for lunch, which was only about a block from the school. It’s a very tiny health food store but they make fresh organic and often vegan selections daily. When I’m on that side of town meeting friends who live in either Detroit or the Pointes or if I’m subbing at any of the GP Library branches, I often eat here. I enjoyed a very good sesame noodle Asian salad with a cup of split pea soup.

My friend often says that he never eats so “healthily” as when he’s out with me. I don’t preach to people but he is often curious about my lifestyle. He always manages to find something he can eat because Sprout House also makes dishes with meat or smoked salmon, which my friend ate in a sandwich. While there, he discovered Vegenaise in the refrigerated section & asked me about it because he’s trying to cut down on his cholesterol and he misses mayonnaise. He bought a jar, so I’m going to wait and see what he thinks of it!

One other thing I wanted to mention that I have changed since going vegan is that I now use Eco-Dent tooth powder instead of regular toothpaste. It lasts longer than a tube of toothpaste so I don’t have to buy it as often and it’s sometimes hard to find toothpaste without fluoride, but I find this one at Nutri-Foods. Eco-Dent is completely vegan. They also make a floss I like but that’s harder to find. I might buy it online but I have asked Nutri-Foods to re-order it; we’ll see. The web site is if you want more information about the tooth powder.

For an extra daily supplement, I take a vitamin C tablet every day. I like Now brand chewable tablets because a lot of vitamin C tablets are made with magnesium stearate, usually made from animals because it’s cheaper. This brand uses a magnesium stearate that is vegetable-derived. And this brand tastes good, not bitter.

And whenever I feel a cold coming on I immediately begin take echinacea capsules, 2 capsules three times a day after every meal. I’m a big believer in taking this herb immediately upon feeling cold symptoms. At home in the summer, my husband will often dig up the root of the plant (they are also known as purple coneflower) and we’ll either eat it raw or steep it in a tea infusion. Again, a lot of capsules use gelatin but I’ve found a brand at Nutri-Foods called Solaray that uses vegetable cellulose instead (you must read labels!). It’s not cheap but I don’t often need to take them as it is. I keep a bottle at work and a bottle at home because you never know where you’ll be when you start feeling ill.

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